Lobby for your Project

Prodas can use its wide-ranging network to see to it that your company will be granted the project. We can assist you in obtaining a project by using our network, and have the ability to promote your product or service to every level of decision-making in a project.

Assistance in Negotiations

We will also support and assist you in the actual procurement and negotiation phase. We can advise in purchasing regulations, standards and procedures. Furthermore, Prodas can ensure that your company has a positive relationship with the Ministry of Defence. We can help overcome any cultural differences which could jeopardize negotiations and harm the project. Also, through this positive atmosphere we can work together with the Netherlands Armed Forces to gain political support for major Defence projects.

Offset Management

When delivering to the Netherlands Armed Forces, foreign companies are required to fulfill certain offset requirements in order to establish Dutch industrial participation. Prodas can inform and advise you about the specific procedures and regulations on direct and indirect offset, and assist you in fulfilling these necessary obligations.
In addition, we can demonstrate your commitment to offset to the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which will give you an advantage over any competitor.