ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) is a transatlantic joint venture that specializes in air operation command and control systems, surveillance radars, and ground-based weapon-locating radars. As a mission systems integrator, TRS is proud to supply some of world’s largest programs in our field. ThalesRaytheonSystems is equally owned by two global defense leaders - Raytheon Company and Thales S.A., with subsidiaries located in Fullerton (near Los Angeles), California, and Massy (near Paris), France.

TRS provides critical decision-making solutions for complex missions through the integration of sensors, operations centers, and telecommunications networks for air operations and battlefield systems. TRS excels in system integration, complex program management, real time and non real time software, human-machine interfaces and service oriented architecture. In addition, they optimize research and development opportunities from their parent companies to provide advanced solutions in terms of operational performance, reliability and affordability.
ThalesRaytheonSystems offers radar sensors for homeland defense, tactical air defense, counter-battery and weapon system coordination markets. With the technological strengths of Thales and Raytheon, TRS is positioned to offer customizable solutions matched with a coordinated support for all customers throughout the world.

Mission assurance and customer support are critical to ThalesRaytheonSystems’ success.  They operate as a trusted partner of each defense client, and are dedicated to meet customer requirements from initial solution design to support through the entire product life-cycle. The significant size of the installed product base allows them to dedicate resources to these activities and offer fast responses to customer needs.

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