Airborne Armor

Crew survivability is Plasan's first priority when designing Lightweight Armor Airborne Solutions. Plasan understands the value of not only preserving lives but also of safeguarding highly trained aircrews and guaranteeing mission accomplishment.

Plasan's integrated solutions offer outstanding engineering innovations presented by modular, portable or fixed add-on-armor kits. The installation kits are characterized by a unique, flexible design enabling their use on multiple models of the same aircraft, shipping to remote locations, as well as rapid, on-site, mid-mission installation and on-the-fly repair.

All aspects and stages of a product's design and production are carried out in close cooperation with the customers' needs and requirements. Plasan develops and fields lightweight armor "Cockpit Protection" solutions for aircraft operating in forward battle zones, designed to ensure flight crews and passengers a level of protection assuring their survival, even if the aircraft becomes a combat casualty.

Plasan's airborne armor solutions are designed with the following advantages:

  • A complete understanding of the relationship between add-on armor to the aircraft's flight characteristics
  • Engineered lightweight armor solutions designed to provide the maximum protection level possible with the minimum amount of weight
  • Optimizing armoring materials to ensure specified threat levels are met
  • Transferable armor kits that can be moved from one like aircraft to another