Prodas Defence and Security was founded by Mr. Willem J. Verheijen (pictured).  As the owner of the company he presently holds the position of Managing Director..

Mr. Verheijen started his career in the Netherlands Armed Forces in 1972 by attending the Military Academy in Breda.
After various positions in the army he left the forces in 1984 to start his career in Defence Industry in The Netherlands.
He was in the global defense market for many years, and he built a large network abroad as well as within the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. He travelled the world, and gained valuable experience and knowledge of the Defence Industry.

In 1993 he left The Netherlands and has set up successful firms in Turkey, which operated mainly in the Security field.
It was here where he gained essential experience in working with cultural differences.
When he left Turkey and settled back in The Netherlands. he was asked by several international defence companies to help them in their business and in negotiations with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.
The successful results of these activities and the rising need for more assistance finally led to the founding of Prodas.

Presently Prodas represents a limited number of  important international defense industries, and has achieved to support them to conclude large defence projects with the Netherlands Forces.