PRODAS Defence & Security  bv.

Consultants for Nation-Level Defence & Security business

Prodas Defence and Security BV is a Defence related consultancy organisation, consulting and advising defence contractors and other related companies in their business ventures with the Netherlands Armed Forces; Prodas may also mediate in negotiations.

Prodas assists the Defence Industry and related industries in their efforts to do business with the Netherlands Armed Forces and overcome possible difficulties with respect to understanding operational needs and specifications, as well as procurement procedures and differences in business cultures.

Prodas has an extensive and successful track record in guiding her clients in every aspect of a project: from the first point of contact with the armed forces, via all phases of  the procurement and negotiation procedures, until the last stage of the logistic support of the productís life cycle.

Prodas management has almost 25 years experience in the international Defence Industry business. 
Our unique advantage is the ability to lead a company throughout every level of the decision making process of the Ministry of Defence, whether it is technical, political, or military.That all in combination with high level of technical and commercial knowledge. Prodas also provides assistance in Dutch Industrial Participation (OffSet) and offers logistical support.

Prodas keeps in close contacts with many officials in the military and political arena around Defense Procurement Projects. Prodas has a widespread network ranging from those who plan the needs of the Netherlands Armed Forces to those who specify these needs, along every level of decision making.

Prodas follows a very high standard of business ethics in all its businesses. All activities are and will be done according to the rules of law, the regulations in the ministry of Defence and according to normal business ethics standards.